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# Brand Category Description Rental

Canon Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital SLR
Canon Camera Canon EOS 7D Digital SLR
Canon Camera Canon BG-E6 Battery Grip for 5D Mark II
Canon Camera Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR
Canon Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark III
GoPro Camera GoPro HD HERO2
GoPro Camera GoPro HERO3: Black Edition
Nikon Camera Nikon D700 Digital SLR
Nikon Camera Nikon D90 Digital SLR
Nikon Camera Nikon MB-D10 Multi-Power Battery Grip
Nikon Camera Nikon D7000 Digital SLR
Canon Fisheye Canon EF 15mm f/2.8 EX DG Fisheye
Nikon Fisheye Nikon 16mm f/2.8D AF Fisheye
Canon Lighting Canon Speedlite 580EX II
Canon Lighting Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT Flash
Elinchrom Lighting Elinchrom Ranger RX Strobe Kit
Elinchrom Lighting Elinchrom EL Skyport RX Speed Trigger Set
ePhoto Lighting Pro Super Bright Camera Video Shoe Mount LED Light Panel
Litepanels Lighting Litepanels LP Micro Compact LED Camera Light Kit
Manfrotto Lighting Manfrotto 5001B Nano Retractable Compact Light Stand set
Nikon Lighting Nikon SB-600 Speedlight
Nikon Lighting Nikon SB-900 Speedlight
PocketWizard Lighting PocketWizard PWP-TR 801-125 PLUS II Transceiver
Westcott Lighting Westcott 28-Inch Apollo Flash Kit
Canon Macro & TS-E Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM
Canon Macro & TS-E Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II Ultra Wide Tilt-Shift Lens
Nikon Micro & PC-E Nikon 105mm f/2.8G AF-S VR IF-ED Micro
Canon Other Accessories Canon ACK-E6AC Adapter Kit for Canon 5D Mark II & 7D Digital SLR
Canon Other Accessories Canon LP-E6 Battery for Canon 5D II or 7D (Add-on Item)
Manfrotto Other Accessories Manfrotto 058B Triaut Camera Tripod
Naneu Other Accessories Naneu Bag UrbanGear U220
Nikon Other Accessories Nikon EN-EL3e Li-Ion Battery (Add-on Item)
SanDisk Other Accessories Sandisk 16GB Extreme UDMA 60MB/s CF Card (Add-on Item)
SanDisk Other Accessories SanDisk Extreme 32 GB 60 MB/s Compact Flash Memory Card (Add-on Item)
Zoom Other Accessories Zoom H4N Handy Portable Digital Recorder
Canon Standard Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM
Canon Standard Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM
Canon Standard Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM
Canon Standard Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM
Canon Standard Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM Version II
Nikon Standard Nikon 50mm f/1.4G AF-S
Nikon Standard Nikon 85mm f/1.4D AF IF
Nikon Standard Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G AF-S ED
Nikon Teleconvertor Nikon TC-17E II (1.7x) Teleconverter AF-S
Canon Telephoto Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM
Canon Telephoto Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM (Version I)
Canon Telephoto Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM (Version II)
Canon Telephoto Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM
Nikon Telephoto Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II
Nikon Telephoto Nikon 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G AF-S VR IF-ED
Nikon Telephoto Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G AF-S IF-ED VR II
Benro Tripod Benro A-2691 Travel Angel Alum Tripod (Trans-Functional)
Induro Tripod Induro Carbon 8x Tripod CT-214
Induro Tripod Induro BHD2 Ballhead
Induro Tripod Induro Carbon 8X Monopod CM25
Induro Tripod Induro AKB1 Tripod Kit
Manfrotto Tripod Manfrotto Video Kit with 501HDV Head and 546B Tripod
Manfrotto Tripod Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 Fluid Video Monopod with Head
Azden Video AZDEN SGM-2X Professional Shotgun Microphone
ePhoto Video DSLR Shoulder Support System
Glidecam Video Glidecam X-10 Body Mounted Stabilization System
Glidecam Video Glidecam HD4000 Stabilizer
Kessler Video elektraDRIVE BUNDLE
Kessler Video Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly™ Kit (Standard Length)
Kessler Video Kessler Stealth Mini Slider
Rode Video Rode VideoMic Directional Video Condenser Microphone
Sennheiser Video Sennheiser Wireless Kit with EK 100 G3 Diversity Receiver
Tiffen Video Tiffen Steadicam Merlin
Canon Wide Angle Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Ultra Wide Angle Zoom Lens
Canon Wide Angle Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L USM
Canon Wide Angle Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM
Canon Wide Angle Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM
Canon Wide Angle Canon EF 24mm f/1.4 L USM II Wide Angle Lens
Nikon Wide Angle Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8G ED AF-S


We excel at exceeding the expectations of our local clients. No request is too unreasonable, just ask!


Hello Atlanta visitors, visiting the home of "Gone with the Wind", CNN or Coca-Cola? Give us a call or send us an email! We can deliver in-stock lenses and equipment directly to your hotel. Capture the perfect memories of your family vacation in Atlanta!

Are you a local professional shooting a wedding and need an extra last-minute item? Give us a call 404-955-8311, shoot us an email, or fire off a quick tweet to @CameraConcierge! We will rush the items over to you (and even pick up a sandwich for you on the way if you like!)


If you prefer to pick-up or drop-off the items yourself, please email or call to arrange a time. We are based out of beautiful Downtown Atlanta.


Go from wow to WOW! Professional camera bodies and professional glass lenses are only part of the equation; the Digital Darkroom is where the magic truly happens. We use Adobe LightRoom and Adobe PhotoShop to enhance your images and take them to the next level.


We are here to help YOU! From recommendations on how to use the latest software to achieve a certain look and how to use Social Media tools to share your work (SmugMug, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, etc.), we will get you up to speed in the new Digital Age.


We are photographers too for family portrait, engagement and wedding! Visit our portfolio online at FengLong Photography. We would be honored to work with you in any way necessary including second shooters or assistants.


1- Shopping

When does my rental period begin? When does it end?

For local pickup and drop-off, the rental period starts from the moment when the order is picked up. The rental will be due to return by the noon or the end of business day depending on when the order is picked up. 
For non-local shipping order, the rental period starts the day Fedex delivers or attempts to deliver for the first time. The rental period ends one, two or three full weeks later when you give the return package to FEDEX. The time in transit both to and from Camera Concierge does not count as part of your rental period.

What condition are your lenses in?

Our lenses may show signs of regular use, having small marks or paint chips. We guarantee that there will be no major flaws such as fungus or significant scratches that objectively affect picture quality.

Do you rent camera bodies?

Yes, we now carry Canon and Nikon camera bodies and flashes.  Our body rentals are shipped to you in a padded case and include a battery and charger.  While we normally allow up to three lenses being rented or in transit per household, when renting a body the limit is reduced to one lens.

What accessories come with the lens?

All lenses come with front and rear caps. Most of lenses also come with original lens hood, except a few, such as 50mm.

How can I know the stock availability?

The inventory quantity is dynamic. You can find the current inventory quantity on hand when you click on the product.

Can I schedule a rental for a future date?

You can reserve the rental one week in advance and add the pick-up or arrival date requirement in the special note field when you check out. 

Why can't I place an order with more than three items?

In order to protect us from fraud, we have strict policy to only allow orders with three items total, with no more than one camera  at one time for one shipping address. 

What is your ID verification policy?

In order to protect both customers and our business from credit fraud, we have a strict ID verification policy for the first time customer. The new customer will need to email or fax us certain documentation for ID verification process. Please also download the rental application form to provide additional reference information before we can prove your rental order. Appreciate for your understanding and support. 

What if I need to order more than 2 items?

We understand that sometimes you need to rent more than two items or equipment value more than $2500 for some commercial shoot projects. For this case, please fill out the business rental application form and provide Certificate of Insurance showing Camera Concierge, LLC as certificate holder.

Do you charge a deposit?

We do not charge a deposit for the items you rent if you are our registered customers. However, for first time renter who rent more than $2000 or more than two items, we will require a certificate of insurance showing Camera Concierge as the certificate holder, otherwise deposit will be required.

How do I rent from you?

It is like other on-line shopping! Select the camera or lens you like to rent and click the rental period you need to drop the product into the shopping cart and check out from there. During the check out process, you can select the delivery method and let us know when you like to start your rental in the special note field. Of course, you can always call 404-955-8311 or email us for any questions. For the first time customer, we will contact you for ID verification process. 

How do I get rental insurance?

Insurance coverage is the responsibility of the renter and is strongly recommended due to the high replacement value of most of the equipment. As the renter, you assume full responsibility and are completely liable, for the condition of the rental equipment while it is in route to you, and in your possession. You can get insurance from for the rental equipment and must include the following:

  • 1. Be "all risk" and equal to the total replacement value of all rented equipment.
  • 2. Name Camera Concierge LLC as the sole "loss payee".
  • 3. Be the primary source of insurance coverage.
  • 4. Be on file with Camera Concierge LLC before the rental begins.

2- Delivery

What is your shipping rate?

We use FEDEX for shipping. A flat shipping rate of $20 will be charged for non-local shipping for two-way shipping, and a flat rate of $10 for local shipping. It will be free if you can pick up from our Atlanta office.

When will my order ship?

Your order will be shipped at the next business day after you place your order or shipped to meet your preferred delivery date. All shipments require a signature on delivery.

How do I return the package?

A FEDEX return shipping label will be included in the package. You can drop the package by 5pm of your rental day at a FEDEX location. Please take the package to the counter so it can be scanned for return shipment. If you use a drop box, there will be no record of your returning if Fedex happens to lose it. 

Where do you ship to?

We are glad to ship to anywhere within the United State, except Hawaii and Alaska. 

Can I pick up or return my order in person?

In-person pickups and drop-off are available by appointment  at downtown Atlanta, GA. If you decide to pick up AND return the order in person, the shipping charge will be waived.  The in-person pickup is available as part of the standard checkout process and please call our office number 404-955-8311 or email for pickup appointment.

Can I arrange a local delivery if I travel to Atlanta?

As a matter of fact, for customer travels to Atlanta and stay in an Atlanta local hotel, you can enjoy the convenience to pick up and drop off your equipment rented at hotel front desk. However $10 will be charged for local delivery.

3- Returns

How do returns work for mail order?

It's easy! Save the box or boxes that your order came in.  Inside your box you will find a prepaid return shipping label. Place your order into the original box, attach the shipping label and drop it off at any Fedex Staffed or Kinkos location.

What type of packaging will I need?

Everything you need to return your order is provided in our shipment to you.  Remember to save the box and packing materials that your order comes in as you'll need it for your return.

What do I do if I am late in returning my order?

You must contact Customer Service for an extension if your return will be more than 3 days late.  Late fees are assessed in one week increments and the discounted rates for longer rentals will apply, but there is no further discount beyond the four week rate.  

What do you consider signs of normal use that I will not be liable for repairing?

Signs of normal use include scuffs or scratches on the body of the lens that do not objectively affect picture quality or mechanical operation.  Only very light front element marks fall into normal use, large marks on the front and any mark on the rear element are likely to affect picture quality.

Will I need to clean the lens prior to returning my shipment?

No.  In fact we prefer that you leave the cleaning to us, since improper cleaning can lead to damage.

Do you refund if I return the camera equipment early?

We will issue you a refund if you return the gear at least a week earlier than expected. So for example, if you have a 3 week order and we get the equipment back 12 days after you rent it, you are due a refund of 9 days. Orders that are returned within a week of the due date or 3-7 day orders are not eligible for refunds. This is due to the fact that we are usually not able to rent out these items again on short notice and need to recoup our lost revenue caused by the early return.

We are in Atlanta, GA!

Business Hours: 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday

Phone: 404-955-8311
Fax: 404-891-5740
Email Us




Instructions for Atlanta Local Pick Up/Drop Off

All orders must be placed online through our website. We do not accept cash or checks, only credit cards.

We are an internet based company and do not accept walk-ins.  Local pickups and drop-offs are available at our Atlanta downtown office by appointment only including weekends.  Our pickup & drop-off location will be at the 200 Office coworking space which is located at address 200 Peachtree Street NW, Suite 206, Atlanta, GA 30303. Located in the heart of Downtown Atlanta and conveniently located with quick access to I-75 and I-85. Or you can take MARTA to Peachtree Center Station and exit toward Ellis St.

Pick Up/Drop Off Policy: 

If you pick up your order before noon on a Monday for a one week rental, then it is due back by noon the following Monday.

We appreciate your honor our drop-off and pick-up policy so that we can allocate inventory appropriately for other customers. 

Instruction for Shipping

Shipping lead-time:

We will use ground shipping as default shipping method. Please use below Fedex Ground Service Map to plan your order lead-time. You can choose other priority shipping options if you need to expedite the shipment.

Shipping Policy:

Please drop off the rental return by 5pm at a Fedex/Kinko location. Drop-off after 5pm will cause one day shipping delay and unnecessary late penalty. We appreciate your honor our drop-off and pick-up policy so that we can allocate inventory appropriately for other customers.